OK, let’s be honest here – this isn’t Stig drifting a GT-R, it’s a radio controlled model of Top Gear’s Stig in A Nissan GT-R!

Top Gear's Stig GT-R RC Car

This model is just incredible – there are very few RC cars at this price which can powerslide out of corners with both rear wheels spinning.

The controller is Wii like in that you rotate the it to steer rather than using sticks in the traditional way.

This makes it the perfect Christmas gift for a younger car enthusiast – if you’ve ever seen a 4 or 5 year old with an RC car, they always try to turn the controller to steer!

This awesome RC car uses 4 x AAA and 2 x AA batteries which aren’t included, but Presents For Men can bundle these on their site.

Here’s the box:

Top Gear's Stig GT-R RC Car Packaging

No true car fanatic could resist this car – get it now at just £29.99.

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