No, this is not a remote controlled James Bond DB6, it’s a bona fide radio controlled spy car available from Boysstuff.

Incredible as it may sound, the car has a small camera and microphone which beams back sound and vision to an LCD screen on the transmitter – you literally get a car’s eye view.

Think about just how much fun and mischief there is to be had from this thing!

But… that’s not all.

If two or three of you get together with a car each, you can battle each other with the cars “firing” infra red beams. If your car is hit by an IR blast it is temporarily “stunned” and rendered inactive for 20 seconds.

Here’s the full spec:

  • Built in wireless video camera (2.4GHz)
  • 2.36” colour TFT LCD display screen on the controller
  • On board wireless microphone
  • Earphone Jack in controller for listening to Microphone
  • Video and audio output jacks on the controller allows for connections to TV/video cameras via RCA cables (cables not included)
  • 2 ultra-bright white headlights (turned on/off by the controller)
  • Control distance – 30 meters
  • 1 frequency (27 MHz)
  • 3 channels switch allows up to 3 people to play together for battle mode
  • Infra-red technology ‘shoots’ the other car in battle mode
  • 4 sensors on the RC car detect Infra-red ‘shot’
  • RC car has full manoeuvrability – forward, back, left, right
  • Requires 8 x AA batteries for the controller (not included)
  • Car size: 40cm x 23cm x 16cm (Excluding antenna)
  • Controller size: 18cm x 15cm x 5cm (Excluding antenna)

For just £114.95 you get:

  • RC Spy Car
  • Controller
  • Earphones
  • 9 volt battery pack for RC car
  • Adaptor for charging the 9 volt battery

Boysstuff even have a video of the spy car in action.

Click here to get yours now.

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