Remote Control Car Toys provide a great opportunity for developing engineering skills, hand eye coordination, team work and competitive spirit…
They’re also really good fun!
There’s quite a debate to be had as to whether remote control car toys are toys at all and the preferred term for the hobby is Radio Controlled (RC) Cars rather than remote control.
For those involved at the top end of RC racing, earning six-figure salaries and travelling the world, radio controlled cars are a serious business and anything but toys.
At the other end of the spectrum, a 1:18th scale ready to run replica of a Subaru impreza rally car can be had for a few quid and provide many hours of fun whizzing around your kitchen.
It’s really important that before you buy your RC car, you decide what you plan to do with it and to that end, we heartily recommend the Radio Control Car Manual published by Haynes.
This really is a thorough guide to buying, building, running, racing and maintaining RC cars both electric and petrol powered and provides essential reading for beginners and those looking to step up to the next level.

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