If you’ve ever played Laser Tag, you’ll now full well how much fun it is to stalk and then “kill” your mates.

Well now, you can do the same thing using remote control cars!

This twin pack comes with heavily customised 1:16 scale (about 25cms long) Mustang and Chevy RC cars with built in infra red cannon on the bonnet and sensors in rear.

Operating a 3 strikes and you’re out rule, score keeping is built in with Shield Level Indicators letting you know how many lives your car has left.

When your car is hit the first couple of times, it stops and damage sound effects are triggered – on your third hit, the car goes out of control with explosive sound effects and then shuts down!

The best thing about this pack is that it has a solo one player mode and because it uses tri-band radio on 27.28 MHz, you can have 6 of you playing at the same time!

Here’s what you get:

1 x Red Mustang, 1 x Silver Chevy Silverado, 2 x controllers

Extras you will need to buy separately:

8 x AA batteries 2 x 9V batteries


£59.95 (price valid on 6th December 2010)

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Yee Haa! boys and girls…

Here’s the General Lee in all it’s orange glory, ready for you to fling it round your house and garden like those good ol’ boys Bo and Luke Duke.

At 1:18 scale, the General Lee is nearly a foot long and comes with fully functional radio control with turbo boost.

Best of all is the traditional  dixie horn and “yeeeh haaa!” sound effects

The lights work and it comes with all the batteries you need.

This car could only be improved if it came with a real life Daisy Duke!

At just £44.99 (price on 18th September 2010) these are bound to fly off the shelves before Christmas so get yours ordered up now!

And that’s an order from Roscoe P Coltrane….


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Audi seem to be releasing new models of their RB super car, hand over fist.

There’s a rumour with some spy shots of a new GTRS version running 2 wheel drive doing the rounds

Well… here from Maisto is a stunning 1:10 scale RC model of the standard Audi R8 V10 in bright red.
Audi R8 V10 RC car

The model is about 40cms long and is available on both 27 MHz frequencies as tri-band – so you can race a couple of friends!

Suitable for car fans aged 8+, there are working headlights with a full beam feature and the car comes ready to run – you get a power pack, a charger and rechargeable batteries.

Better yet, you even get a 3 month manufacturer warranty!

Price on 16th September 2010 is just £69.99!

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